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Best Sunscreens for Children

With a large array of different sunscreens available for purchase in retail and drug stores it can be hard for parents to determine which one is right for their child. They want to give them the best protection possible especially since the majority of damage to skin caused by the sun happens during childhood. If you are a parent here’s what you should look for in sunscreen to help you choose the best sunscreen for children.

When selecting a sunscreen for your child you should look for one that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Both types of rays are emitted by the sun and are harmful for both children and adults. However most sunscreens only protect against UVB rays which are responsible for causing sunburns. They don’t offer protection against UVA rays which are responsible for long-term damage to your skin including premature aging and skin cancer. Anthelios sunscreens with Mexoryl is one of the best sunscreens for children due to the fact it protects against both types of rays.

When selecting your child’s sunscreen it is also important that it has a high SPF. Any sunscreen you use to protect your child should have a minimum SPF of 15, although most experts recommend an SPF of 30. The Anthelios sunscreen line with Mexoryl offer sunscreens for children with SPFs ranging from 15 to 60. And Anthelios Spray SPF 30, is a convenient way to apply sunscreen to a reluctant child.

Due to the fact children are very active you should select a sunscreen that is resistant to sweat and water. This will help the sunscreen remain on longer once it has been applied especially if the child is swimming or playing sports. However you will need to reapply sunscreen periodically throughout the duration your child is outdoors since sunscreen does rub off against children’s clothing and other objects they come in contact with.

In addition to using the best sunscreen for children, there are other things you can do as a parent to protect your child from the sun. It is important that you limit the amount of exposure your child gets to the sun. Children should not be outside in the sun between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when the sun’s exposure is most intense and your child is most at risk for having their skin damaged by the sun. In addition infants that are younger than six months old should never be exposed to the sun due to the fact their skin is very delicate and susceptible to burning.

When your child is outdoors you should also ensure that they are wearing the proper clothes to protect their skin. Children should wear long-sleeved shirts and pants when acceptable to protect their skin. In addition you should aim to purchase clothing that offers a high SPF protection. Most clothing only offers an SPF of 4 but clothing with higher SPF protection is becoming more and more common. In fact many are starting to put sun protection information on their label, which makes it easy for you as a parent to identify. This allows you to choose the best clothing to protect your child from the sun.

Taking the time to find the best sunscreen for children is important since the decisions you make today as a parent can affect your child tomorrow. Don’t set them up for skin cancer and other problems by choosing poor sunscreen. Consider using Anthelios sunscreen with Mexoryl as it is the best sunscreen for children.

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